The Legacy of a Dream
The dream of Dr. William V. Banks was to bring programs, for and about African Americans to the airwaves. To realize his dream Banks had to overcome a chorus of skeptics. He was told African Americans could not obtain a license to launch a TV station, did not have the required capital, lacked skilled talent in the community and that advertiser would not buy time on a black owned station.

In time the skeptics were proved wrong, WGPR Channel 62 went on the air September 29, 1975 and for the next 20 years brought much needed ethnic diversity to local television. He understood the power and influence media owners had on the perspectives and cultural identity of a community.

“I have always believed that Black-owned broadcasting stations are important to the community and to Black people. Without them, there can be distortion and lack of vital information to both minority and majority communities. ”A Legacy of a Dreams, The Life and Contributions of Dr. William Venoid Banks” by Sheila Gregory, granddaughter of Dr. Banks.
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